Belkin_Pip_horizontal_optbrookscomm represented US consumer electronics company Belkin in the UK, and took the business from a low profile position to a major force in the UK, with dramatically increased market share and media profile.


Belkin was looking for a B2B IT PR agency which would shift perception of the company and significantly raise its profile, generate product reviews in target publications and increase its market share to drive an increase in sales, and crucially to launch new product ranges.

The Challenge

At the time Belkin was known as a “cabling” company and needed to break this market perception. New products were not receiving sufficient media attention to build sales and the firm was unable to break into distribution channels for products other than cables.

The Solution

brookscomm worked with Belkin’s marketing team to raise awareness in new sectors and used positive media coverage to build awareness across wider markets and product areas, including networking, USB and Bluetooth.

We focused on leveraging strong press relationships and developing compelling messages around the products to penetrate end-user and business markets. A comprehensive product review programme was undertaken, which saw Belkin products succeed in new markets. brookscomm also conducted press launch events and arranged meetings between Belkin executives and key journalists.

The Results

Subsequently awareness of Belkin’s new product ranges rose dramatically, and its profile developed significantly from its original image as a cabling company into the broader peripheral market company that it is today.

In order to measure change in media perception journalists were surveyed. They were asked: “Do you think Belkin’s reputation has improved over the last two years?” and 79 % said yes. When asked: “How would you describe Belkin’s profile?” 86 % answered with either good, very good, or excellent.”.

During the period that brookscomm provided IT PR to Belkin, their RoI from PR spend increased by 350%. Which set the platform to enable them to enter the mainstream peripheral market with increased demand and new channels to market.

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