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How PR can be measured

Unlike Marketing or Advertising, which have clear, measurable ‘tick-box’ outputs and results, PR is considered by many as ‘fluffy’. A common misconception is that it’s difficult to quantify and thus measure. Often, people measure the financial equivalent cost of Advertising…


“The online coverage was superb and it created a real buzz for us. We jumped from 14 to 40 customers in no time. We wouldn’t have been able to expand without the business brookscomm helped generate.”

Ben Ward, Co-Founder, Rocketdesk

“One of the reasons that we chose brookscomm was that we were impressed by their tech PR industry knowledge. The previous PR agency was not experienced in our industry. What has been really good is that the expectations that were set have been valid and have shown to continue into the relationship. We are getting a very good service.”

Gloria Benson, Marketing Director, Consult Hyperion

“We have always found brookscomm to be creative, efficient, and responsive to our needs, not only in terms of the work required to produce our Surrey Research Park News publication, but also in the wider context of preparing Press Releases and helping us with additional, wide-ranging promotional issues.”

Dr Malcolm Parry, OBE, Director, The Surrey Research Park

Dr Malcom Parry, MBE, Director, Surrey Research Park

brookscomm has been our tech PR partner for many years and are an extension of our team. They work closely with us to support our sales and marketing efforts and provide a valuable service with media relationship building and copywriting, editing content into polished versions localised for European and US audiences.

They are great people and we highly recommend them!”

Carl-Johan Ivarsson, President, Qlucore

Carl Johan, President of Qlucore