Media Opt-minAre you looking for effective B2B, B2C, tech PR and media relations? By building and maintaining strong relationships with key influencers and stakeholders we create awareness of our clients’ brands, products and services in target markets.

Amplify your brand

When it comes to communicating to the world, connections and relationships are crucial. We work with you to create a strategic, integrated communications plan which enhances your credibility and corporate reputation with your business stakeholders, whilst facilitating positive message pick-up of your brand.

We communicate with key influencers, publications, and industry analysts to achieve positive brand coverage. brookscomm manages all press activity before, during, and after product launches and trade shows. We follow-up with the media afterwards, conducting surveys in order to gauge their reaction to your messages, and measure campaign impact across different media channels. We also coordinate outputting of end-customer focused content via organic and paid social media platforms.

Become a thought leader

By using thought leadership campaigns we make our clients leading industry commentators, enhancing corporate reputation through positive publicity. brookscomm work with influencers to ensure your inclusion in relevant articles and will write and place articles on your behalf to achieve positive publicity to help you reach your business goals.

Measuring reach

We look for spikes in traffic to your website which match dates of key media coverage achieved, key social media campaigns or trade shows, product or brand relaunch activity using measurement tools such as Google analytics and industry leading PR engagement tools. We regularly survey key stakeholders on your behalf to measure the impact of media campaigns.

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