Had a great day yesterday at our Dane-Elec launch of the new myDitto product

…A good group of favourite journos came to the Institute of Electronic Engineers for a press briefing. Then we went on the London Duck Tour. Everyone had a good time. I’d been on the Duck Tour of Liverpool before with my kids — and they had enjoyed it. It seemed like all the adult journos enjoyed it too!

"Working on Recovery" – Hart Brown’s 6th Annual Economic Forum – Wed 23rd June 2010

We are delighted to be co-sponsors of the Hart Brown 6th Annual Economic Forum on Wednesday 23rd June at the University of Surrey’s School of Management.

Hart Brown is delighted to have secured David Frost (Director General, British Chamber of Commerce) as the key note speaker together with former International Finance Expert, Sue Marks and local entrepreneur and one of the UK’s Top 30 ‘Young Guns’, Tim Drake. It promises to be a thought provoking and interesting event looking at all the questions businesses are asking themselves about the likely recovery of the economy.

This year, there is an extra treat for you — showing the England v. Slovenia World Cup football match prior to the Economic Forum on a big screen in the auditorium. It will be a great atmosphere! Delegates who are registered to attend the Forum are invited to view to match with refreshments available to purchase during half time from the University’s Sorrento Café.

Place: University of Surrey, School of Management
Date: Wednesday 23rd June 2010
Time: 5.00pm – 8.00pm


1000 press releases – what a milestone

At CBC we have just written our one thousandth press release, and what an art this is! We have learned over the years, how important it is to provide journalists with clear, concise, easy to digest and non salesspeak or jargony information, that provides clear messages to ensure that our clients’ stories are printed (or lead to a discussion with the journalist), their profiles are positively raised and that this ultimately leads to them selling their goods and services improving the bottom line!

We nearly thought that our one thousandth release would have been a release on the outcome of the case of the biggest art theft in the UK, the Da Vinci trial in Scotland, but in the end our local client the Surrey Research Park hit the milestone… which is perhaps more fitting in a way as we started out as an innovation and technology specialised PR agency. We have been in the business for nearly 15 years now and have written so many different types of releases, mostly business and highbrow, but certainly some more lighthearted and fun too, so you’d hope that we would be fairly good at them by now, although we’re learning more all the time especially with the explosion of social media and how important that is as a PR tool – the next big thing now for reaching key media is social media releases. Our clients like it and they are much easier to tweet. 🙂


Canine psychologists and island adventures

Canine psychologists and island adventures

PR is all about creating opportunities. So what better way than to spend a morning “opening doors” within the beautiful and historic surroundings of the Guildford Guildhall. This is precisely what we at CBC did on Wednesday this week, when we acted as Experts on PR and Marketing at a business networking event hosted by Enterprise First, and backed by Guildford Borough Council and Barlow Robbins Solicitors. The Guildhall, a beautiful wood paneled building of Tudor origin, used to be a courtroom and council chamber, so what better venue for an event to help boost local businesses, with a number of companies offering advice ranging from taxation to creating your own web site. As Experts, we were not only able to offer free advice to a wide range of new business startups, but also to create our own business lead opportunities for the future. And what an interesting selection of entrepreneurs we met: from dog grooming and canine behaviour advisors, to bespoke ceramic furniture, and adventure holiday specialists. Some people have such interesting lives! Looking forward to the next networking event!

Funky Gadgets at the GS Live

Last week, I spent a good part of my time at the “Gadget Show Live” in Birmingham, which reflects how huge the market for gadgets really is. The show was probably at least four times bigger than last year! It’s a fun place to be, surrounded by loads of the most diverse useful and useless gadgets and innovations, and above all a great day out.

For me, it’s always fun to do shows in the UK as they are so different to the ones in Germany where, as a rule, people still expect loads of freebies and will go to any lengths to get them. In the UK, however, it’s a bit more relaxed – fewer half naked booth girls, fewer end-users that are not interested in what you do but want a free pen, and less stress from the show organizers if your TV screen happens to extend half an inch outside your allocated stand space – overall just more relaxed.

What felt a bit alien though was the big plug that was being made for the Gadget Show itself. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Gadget Show, I like the presenters, I think it’s fun and fair enough that they organise the show and want to plug the TV show, but some things just went a bit too far for me. Having done consumer and trade shows in Central Europe on a regular basis I found it highly unprofessional of the organisers to add an extra day to the show (only 2 months before the actual show), just because the other days were already sold out. Many companies at the Gadget Show are not actually that big and have to literally close their offices while they are at the show. I spoke to a few exhibitors and they all agreed with me. So to have to miss one extra day from their office bases without even being asked is quite harsh. Another thing that went too far for me, was the exaggerated number of Gadget Show merchandise shops, where you could buy all manner of Gadget Show T-shirts, mugs, key rings and God knows what else. Perhaps it’s just me being German, but that just smacked a bit too much of plugging your own show for me. But hey ho, looks like they can get away with it, especially as they are the only gadgetry style exhibition in the UK and have a big and growing market behind it. But don’t get the wrong impression here. I definitely enjoyed my stay at the Gadget Show and a big thanks to Dane-Elec for having me. It was enjoyable and fun, good to engage with people and finally meet some guys from the Zpen Facebook fan page face to face.

Hopefully I’ll be up in Birmingham again next year.