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Blink and you won’t miss it!

Blink branded items next to Xmas tree

On a chilly November morning, a selection of top IT and Tech journalists braved the elements to join us at the UK launch event for the Blink Home Security & Monitoring system.

Held in the private dining room at the prestigious Ivy restaurant in London, brookscomm’s Media Director, Chaz Brooks welcomed the guests and introduced Blink’s executives. Supported with Blink branded promotional merchandise and press sample products, the scene was set for the Blink team to present an overview of how the company has rapidly grown to become a leading provider of Home Security & Monitoring Technology.

Effective and affordable piece of mind

Blink Home Security cameraThey detailed why many homeowners are put off from buying security systems due to the perception that they are expensive, require specialist installation involving drilling and unsightly cables.  Blink is helping consumers to overcome these challenges with a competitively priced, wireless system.

There was a live product demonstration, showing the journalists and guests how versatile and user-friendly the system is. The Blink executives went on to detail its key features:

  • HD video capture with built-in motion detector; when motion detector is triggered, the cameras will send an alert to your smart phone and record a short clip of the event to the cloud
  • Totally wire-free; powered by 2 AA Lithium batteries (included) and data is sent over Wi-Fi
  • Simple self-install in minutes; easy control with the included iOS & Android apps
  • Check back in on any Blink camera in real-time with “Live View” streaming mode
  • No monthly fees or service contract!

Blink team demonstrate the system
A Q&A session followed the presentation with a very pleasant lunch, as befitting the Ivy, rounding off the day’s activities.

The Blink systems are now available to buy at the Amazon UK store, to find out more about Blink, read the UK launch press release or visit: www.blinkforhome.co.uk


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Marketing and PR Excellence 2014: Coverage in the Guardian

“Rapid technological and social changes in the market mean everyone can to a certain degree ‘do their own PR’ using cost-effective tools”

Mandy Brooks recently contributed to the Guardian for their Small Business Showcase series.

Over the past eighteen months, we’ve diversified from providing just pure PR to offering marketing workshops. This was in response to rapid technological and social changes in the market which meant that everyone can – to a certain degree – “do their own PR” using cost-effective tools.

We also invested in specialist marketing skills through training. Our new focus has brought four benefits.

  • Firstly, new streams of revenue for us (new clients and add-on services).
  • Secondly, the context and means to help and guide potential clients with a taster project, which reveals aspects of their organisation and opportunities in the market which they had not considered before. They can count on us for ongoing consultancy and/or provide a cost effective competent ‘outsourced’ marketing department.
  • Thirdly, for clients that have undertaken PR/marketing and communications workshops, we deliver a swifter, wider and more lasting ROI. Their stories are also richer on an emotional and rational level, which creates content that engages.
  • Fourthly, there is an important relationship-building element whereby we really get to engage with the clients, and understand their hopes, dreams and customers. They also get to understand us – and this is a great basis for a productive working collaboration with a client. It is also one which facilitates the opportunity to deliver excellent customer service, increases the likelihood of referrals and testimonials, and is the basis for customer loyalty.

Source: The Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/small-business-network/2014/nov/06/showcase-marketing-pr-chaz-brooks-communications

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CBC joins Guildford business leaders in launch of new specialist law firm supporting charities


Guildford’s business leaders gathered at the Guildhall last week to welcome and support the launch of Third Sector Law a specialist law firm supporting charities and their professional advisers.

Representing the council the Deputy Mayor, David Elms, welcomed the diversity of commerce in the town. He said: “This is a thriving borough and this is a new company within the borough. New blood is always welcome. To continue being a thriving borough, a diverse commerce base is necessary and that is what this type of commerce brings to our community. The future is you, the people who work, live and spend money in the community: you are the heart and soul of our boroughs’ success. Welcome to our community.”

But attendees were not all from the charity field. Also happy to celebrate the launch was our very own Chaz Brooks (pictured here with Steven Meredith) who said: “I’m here supporting local business. Guildford is a great place to do business. I work here, live here and my daughter goes to school here. We must support local business.”  

Read the full article on The Guildford Dragon.








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CBC has a new home! And some more thoughts on the value of excellent customer service..

We are now in our new office in a fantastic location on Guildford High Street called Eastgate Court. We’re surrounded by professionals right in the heart of Guildford City Centre and Eastgate Court is a lovely, green development with its own courtyard. We’ve stayed within close distance of a lot of our local clients, so we can maintain our strong relationships with them. We’re all settled in; it’s business as usual and we’re enjoying the new place – do feel free to drop by and say hello, perhaps for a game of table football!

Excellent customer service has always been central to our work at CBC, and our office move has been a very poignant reminder of just how valuable excellent customer service is to the success of a company. First impressions, attention to detail and a friendly, reliable team are just some of the ways that businesses can illustrate a high level of customer service. When companies provide a friendly and accommodating service, customers have a more positive view of the brand overall. This means that even if there are any problems down the line, the customer has confidence in the performance of the company and is more likely to stay loyal to the service.

When it comes down to it, we know it’s all about forming relationships – when you can build good relationships, prove that you’re trustworthy and demonstrate a high level of expertise, customers really won’t be looking anywhere else.

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CBC is 15 years old!

We’ve just celebrated our 15 year anniversary at CBC in style with a full day of events with all of our employees…even those from France and Italy flew in for the occasion! We had bucks fizz and tasty pastries in the morning whilst we reflected on our best moments, then headed off onto the streets of Guildford for a treasure hunt – boys vs. girls – the girls won  Then we finished up the celebrations with a lovely lunch in the Rumwong on Guildford High Street. A lot of you spotted our tweeting and online competitions with the questions from the treasure hunt – well done to the winners!

It’s hard to describe how much the PR industry has changed since CBC first opened, and it was great to have the opportunity to look back and see how much we have achieved as a team. We have contacts locally, nationally and internationally for PR as well as in the media, all to better service our clients. We’re also an Investors in People accredited company.

And for the local Guildfordians reading, you may wish to ponder some of these questions…let us know what you think the answers are in a tweet to @PRexpertsUK or as a comment below!

-Which town is Guildford twinned with?
-How high did the big flood of Guildford reach on the Yvonne Arnaud theatre’s wall?
-Who was Mayor of Guildford on 5th February 1902?
-How many books is the Surrey Scholar in the High Street carrying?