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Platinum – celebrating the CIPR at 70 and the importance of offering flexible working in PR

Image of Platinum logoThe CIPR has published a new crowdsourced book asserting the value of PR as a management discipline, as part of its 70th anniversary celebrations. Platinum is a new book from the CIPR showcasing excellence in public relations. It’s edited by Stephen Waddington Found.Chart.PR Hon FCIPR, and is the story of the CIPR as told by its members.

From the foundations of PR practice to the emergence of artificial intelligence and automation, Platinum captures the evolution of the Institute and the industry. The 45-chapter book comprises contributions from more than 50 thought leaders on five key areas: perspectives, practice, performance, provocation and the future potential of the profession.

I was delighted to be asked to write a chapter for Platinum about the importance of offering flexible working in PR.

In my chapter, I was keen to explore the different interpretations of flexible working and the impact of offering flexible working policies in our industry. In PR we are driven to meet the needs of our clients and often feel we need to be available and on the case, 24/7. We work in an industry that is demanding and high energy. This can be energising and exciting but can also be challenging and highly stressful.

Agility & Diversity in PR

In preparation for Platinum, I spoke to a range of practitioners in different positions in the industry, with interesting and different perspectives and ideas around the topic. From this, I got a deeper understanding of the possibilities and challenges around offering flexible working and around working flexibly. It cemented my belief that, more than ever, a flexible approach to working offers an opportunity to improve the agility and diversity within the public relations profession and secure its future success.

I believe we need a diverse range of leaders and practitioners in PR, with a range of specific skills and life experiences, balanced lives, a sense of wellbeing, energy and a passion for what they are doing. Flexible working is a huge enabler of this and though it can be tough to implement, it’s important that PR leaders consider their existing working practices with this in mind.

As the title suggests, the future is flexible! A real commitment to integrated, flexible working will enable PR to best utilise the human qualities of people in the workplace and make PR a place where people and AI work together effectively.

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Why there needs to be more young professionals in the workplace


By Barney Packer, Digital Marketing and Public Relations Intern


When they were just 18, young entrepreneurs from New Zealand, Jamie Beaton and Sharndre Kushor set up their first business venture Crimson Education. Crimson Education set out to be a platform that could matchmake students around the world to their perfect university – a great tool, especially for those looking to study abroad.

Taking an idea and turning it into a successful business at such a young age shows that the upcoming generation have something truly exciting to offer. In fact, a 2016 report by BNP Paribas found that, on average, baby boomers launched their first business at age 35, whereas millennials are typically doing it at 27. The youth of today are hungry to achieve!

With Crimson Education now valued at $160m, it begs the question; what exactly is it that young professionals add to the workplace?

Providing new ideas and thoughts

Young professionals’ fresh perspectives are invaluable. Their suggestions should be heard and recognised, even if just for spring boarding. Consider the benefits of having this viewpoint in the office, especially if you’re a business that wants to attract a younger demographic. If you have your own audience in the office, then use them!

Our MD Mandy Brooks says: “The placements we offer bring young energy into the office, which is a great way to share experience, generate new ideas and keep the business fresh and exciting.  With the original founders, myself and Chaz, still an integral part of the company, we have established a wide and diverse, knowledgeable, productive results-based team. Each team member is hugely valued and in turn adds particular value to brookscomm.”

Social media gurus

Growing up in the age of social media means that young professionals can spot opportunities that others might miss. One of the biggest demographic groups for Instagram is males between 18 to 24 years old, meaning that a teenager developing their social media following at such a young age is experience that businesses can benefit from. Young professionals are quick learners with natural marketing skills and are agile enough to move fluidly in the modern world.

A 2017 study into the effects of social media on young professionals’ work productivity found that networking, sharing, and finding social information has a positive impact on professional enhancement, with respondents of the survey stating that social media was a catalyst of the development and growth of their professional careers.

You give them opportunity, they give you loyalty

One thing that many young professionals worry about is the future of their career, and rightly so. They want to move up the ladder, earn money and be proud of their work, so opportunities for them to prove their worth is something they are driven by. Let them demonstrate their skills, while supporting and guiding them, and they will recognise it.

Young professionals who contribute creative and forward-thinking ideas are a key part of the workplace. The skills they offer are essential to any modern company and should be recognised, utilised, and developed across all industries. Collaboration is the key to success.

Over the last two months working here at brookscomm, I have been given the opportunity to apply skills I’ve developed during my university studies and previous work experience. Being supported and comfortable in pitching creative ideas within a healthy work environment has made for a really positive experience, enhancing my productivity, company loyalty and work satisfaction. All of this has enabled me to grow as a professional and deliver improved results.

If you’re interested in an internship opportunity at brookscomm, please drop us an email.

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Say hello to brookscomm’s newest interns

Say hello to brookscomm's latest interns.png

We are excited to welcome to brookscomm our latest interns, Harry Smith and Barney Packer. Harry and Barney are already adding value to our fast-paced, integrated communications agency. Harry joins us as a summer placement student halfway through his Business and Economics degree at Bournemouth University, and Barney is here as a recent Journalism and Public Relations graduate from University of Lincoln.

Benefits of a diverse work-force

It’s always great to have enthusiastic, energised and passionate interns who can hit the ground running, seamlessly integrating with our team and making a positive impact to the business, with fresh insights, different perspectives, and contemporary knowledge and skillsets. It’s important to retain and engage a diverse and vibrant workforce, especially as the PR and marketing landscape is continually evolving and converging..

The brookscomm ethos

Hiring based on attitude, culture, ethos and skillset is crucial to business success. Here at brookscomm, we believe that offering flexibility and a better work-life balance can make a huge impact on the business. Flexibility can mean different things to different people. Whether it is hours that are flexed to better suit the employee, as well as the business, or working from home options, or providing practical solutions to remove barriers to working so both parties benefit.

Investing in our people

Our interns can benefit from the brookscomm ethos of treating everyone equally, understanding individual development and flexibility needs, instilling a sense of collective responsibility so that each individual has the working hours and environment to excel. We always endeavour to make the working environment work for everyone, understanding individuals needs and ensuring the workplace is fully inclusive ensures our clients get the range of integrated expertise they need to add value to their businesses.

brookscomm sees the value in investing in all employees with mentoring, on the job training and exposure to a variety of experiences and courses to learn and gain insight.

Harry comments, “My time at brookscomm has been amazing so far. I never thought I’d have a job where I’d genuinely enjoy every task and look forward to work. So far, I’ve been involved with Amazon’s seller central, multiple social-media accounts and various other tasks. Every day is something new and it’s an experience I’d recommend to anyone keen to pursue a career in digital marketing and PR. Also, everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming.”

Barney adds, “Working with brookscomm has provided me with a valuable insight into the work and daily running of an integrated communications agency. The team have all been very welcoming and demonstrated how a strong team should operate and communicate. Already within my internship, I’ve been involved in bigger projects whilst feeling like my contribution to the business is valued and recognised. There are also frequent opportunities to learn new skills and develop existing ones in a healthy work environment. “

At brookscomm we have over 20 years of PR and marketing expertise and a proven track record of providing successful integrated communications campaigns. We can help you boost your business, email hello@brookscomm.com or call us on 01483 537 890. 

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Audience targeting: Walking the ethical tightrope

AdobeStock_118343721-min (2)Recent news has been dominated by stories which highlight the questionable tactics of some companies, in covertly harvesting user data from social media channels which informs their approach, enables them to target their communications based on profiling and, ultimately, influences opinion.

All of this is especially pertinent as we approach the looming GDPR deadline – in a timeframe where ethics, privacy and data protection are all issues of paramount concern to business.

The brookscomm approach
In our role as trusted counsel to a diverse client-base, we develop and deliver clear messaging to support each client’s value statement and inform their customers’ decision-making. Furthermore, we conduct thorough research to ensure we are targeting end-users and new business prospects as effectively, appropriately and ethically as possible.  This approach enables us to deliver consistency, add maximum value to the audience, whilst attaining optimal reach.
Whether in our PR, marketing or social media execution, our steps toward the most positive outcome are clearly defined and structured:

  1. identify each clients’ target audience/s (WHO do we want to attract?)
  2. determine their reading and influencer touchpoints (WHERE can we reach them?)
  3. develop clear messaging and information which illustrates the value proposition (WHY should they engage?)
  4. provide clear direction, highlighting the call-to-action (HOW do we meet our end-goal? e.g. sales / subscribers / etc in a GDPR compliant process.)

The methods we use to achieve these steps follow a careful and considered ethical pathway, with the utmost care and consideration to ensure compliance, authenticity and integrity – building a sense of trust with our clients and their audiences throughout the journey.

A recent example of this being the counsel we’re currently providing to both US, UK and EU clients on how to ensure that their business communication systems and processes are compliant with the incoming GDPR legislation.

Businesses must always question their data collection methods to meet their governance and compliance responsibilities and respect customer privacy. Hopefully this week’s news will only serve to improve data collection and analysis approaches, protecting the privacy rights of the end-user and strengthening ethical practice within organisations.

Get in touch on 01483 537 890 to discuss how we could help improve your business communications.

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Icebar launch event of Blink XT


Founded by M.I.T graduates in 2009, Blink has grown from strength to strength since its kick-starter crowdfunding campaign, creating an innovative range of indoor and outdoor home security and monitoring systems. The firm is scheduled to ship it’s millionth product in January 2018.

Blink provides a watchful eye and 1-click connection to a user’s home through a smartphone app. It is stylish, wireless, easy to set up and uses HD video technology, with motion and temperature sensors. When Blink detects motion, it immediately sends a push notification alert and an HD quality video to the user’s smartphone. The system can be set/disarmed remotely, with live video accessible anytime, from anywhere.


Blink XT UK Launch

The much-anticipated Blink XT outdoor cameras were launched as a direct response to consumer demand. Building on the success of last year’s UK indoor camera launch event held at the Ivy by brookscomm, Blink asked the agency to launch this new model.

The latest Blink XT outdoor camera can be operated at temperatures down to -25 degrees Celsius,  and therefore was suitably held at London’s super cool, below zero, Icebar.

Influential technology journalists, bloggers and industry influencers were in attendance. The Icebar cocktails were flowing alongside a presentation and demonstration. The Blink logo Ice Sculpture provided a centrepiece talking point.


Blink Paris Launch

A media event was also held in Paris to launch Blink into France. Arranged by brookscomm, the launch was held in the Prizoners escape game live venue, providing both a mysterious and fun atmosphere. The venue allowed influencers to network, socialise and enjoy Blink’s presentation. All whilst surrounded by typical Paris style caves of the escape game. It was dead cool.

Copy of IMG_3135

You can read the full UK press release here.

At brookscomm we have over 20 years of PR & marketing expertise and a proven track record of providing an integrated communications strategy. We can help you boost your business, email hello@brookscomm.com or call us on 01483 537 890. 

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