Better safe than sorry

This has not been an easy week for me! People always talk about the importance of backing up, but I became intimately acquainted with the importance of this somewhat boring task when my laptop (purchased circa 2003) finally died. Yes, I had been backing up my data, but was about a month out of date – which didn’t seem like a long time, but I know now that it is! Luckily, I managed to get my laptop to boot up one final time, and so therefore managed to dump the entire contents of my hard drive onto an iPod, and then onto a new laptop, which is now basically an exact clone of my old one. So, it is a happy ending for me, but it did make me wonder how a business would cope with this same problem? What if a server suddenly failed? I know that CBC works with a fantastic company who specialises in this very area, so if you need any help or advice with backing up your important data, then just ask Chaz.

The most important thing is: be sure to protect yourselves now, and don’t wait for disaster to strike!


The wallet, the smoking woman and the assassin

Found a wallet in the street last week and managed to contact the owner and return it (via calling his Granny whose details I got as he had an unusual surname, after taking the chance that he might be related to the number in the BT online phone book — she was confused but he was delighted!) he insisted on giving me some money and that’s going to a local charity we support. Easier than going through the police red tape I said — he agreed.

Then, sitting outside cafe in Covent Garden a charmless woman decided to come and sit at our table, which was okay. When she decided to smoke that wasn’t okay and after a short verbal exchange we left and then took up our table at the restaurant half an hour early — driven to drink.

Just had lunch with a leading expert on assassination, nice guy and I hope that I don’t ever upset him. He’s hopefully going to be writing a book for one of our clients.

Tomorrow I am due to be voted in as President of Surrey Chambers of Commerce — unless they come to their senses beforehand and vote in a sensible accountant or some such instead.


4 minutes of fame

You might remember that a couple of weeks ago I mentioned in our blog that I went up to Birmingham to promote Dane-Elec’s Zpen for the Channel Five gadget show. Yes and this week it got broadcasted. We all were very excited as on Monday evening at 8pm the gadget show started. And wow what a feedback! The focus group that tested the Zpen voted it as the best gadget in the test! We were chuffed, although I already knew. 😉

If you missed it, you can still watch the gadget show this week on Sunday 20th June at 10am on Channel Five. Oh and I totally agree with Mandy! Flexible sunshine would be great, especially on weekends….


Investors in People and Flexible Sunshine

I’m smiling in spite of the lovely English rain. We have been successfully reassessed once again and get to keep our Investors in People accreditation. Not only that but Jim, our assessor, says that we are one of the best examples of work/ life balance that he has ever seen.

This does not make me any less jealous of my colleagues working away in Italy and France though. Olivia, in Italy, and Michael, in France, have lovely sunshine.. They tell me it’s hard to concentrate in the heat but I wouldn’t mind giving it a try!

If only we could have flexible sunshine in the workplace – share some of that fantastic Mediterranean weather – then life would be truly fair:-)


Rainy night in Georgia (well, okay then …. a rainy day in London)

It’s July. It’s the Summer. It’s a champagne press trip on the London Eye to launch a great new scanner pen

It’s a great plan — what could possibly go wrong?

The weather — that’s what. When was the last time we had a month’s rainfall in July? Yesterday, that’s when. It didn’t stop raining from early morning until midnight. Raining Kats and dogs. (spelling intentional as one of our journalists was called Kat).

Thanks to all the journalists for coming. Only two did not show up due to the weather.

Best part of the day; no-one moaned about the weather. Not even when we had a rain-soaked walk to the nearby Firestation pub for beers afterwards.

Worst part of the day; Chaz looking like a drowned rat with his umbrella held up like an uncomfortable tourist guide walking through a packed Waterloo station concourse so that everybody followed him to the pub. He need not have worried — all journalists can find a pub!

Next stop, another trip on the Eye, in Winter when it’s dark. Great idea (courtesy of our journalist friends – Paul). What could possibly go wrong with that ….

Chaz and Uli