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Learn new ways of reaching your customers

In today’s busy workplace people don’t like being “sold to” and resent being bombarded with emails and intrusive phone calls.

Successful businesses are using a new approach to reach new customers. An approach that combines the latest proven PR & Marketing tactics to reach, inform and educate your target audience about how your business solves their challenges.

Find out about the difference between old and new style lead generation tactics with our handy comparison infographic:


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Blogging for Business


Showcase your  brand’s personality through blogging

Like social media, blogging is a great way to demonstrate your business’s unique selling point.

Blogging allows you to offer tips, advice and opinions on topical issues and trends affecting your sector. By talking about things that matter to your customers within a blog format you increase the chances of  your content being read, being perceived as a thought leader and recognised as being experts at what you do.

In addition, blogging humanises a brand, especially when readers are given a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of your business. It can also increase your credibility and build a measure of trust with your customers. Interestingly, blogs are rated at the 5th most trusted source for accurate information.

Blogging also supports your SEO strategy. Search engines favour websites that publish fresh content over those that don’t, and by building quality inbound and outbound links to your blog, you will boost your SEO ranking.

Now that we’ve explained why blogging is great for business, you might be wondering, how do I start?!

Here’s our advice…

Content is King

This old saying is now more relevant than ever, especially considering that the way in which content is used can directly impact the visibility of websites. Useful content rich in keywords incorporated within business blog posts, along with the use of structured titles and section heads, are important to improving SEO. Great content is recognised as a worthwhile resource for people to consume, helping you to move further up Google’s search ranking results. (For more digital marketing terms check out our glossary).


You may be writing the best content ever, but it’s no good unless someone sees it! Therefore, it’s imperative to promote your posts via every outlet available, whether it is through emails, your website or social media, as this will also help drive referral traffic to your website. As stated in a previous blog post, Facebook for example, drives over 40% of website referral traffic. If you want your content to go viral, make it relevant, insightful and attractive to the consumer. And make it easy to share; Better yet, include images or even video, as these will attract far more views and engagement.


When you start blogging, don’t be disheartened if, at the beginning, no one reads your posts. Stick at it and be consistent, but it’s also important to be realistic. If you only have the time to blog once every two weeks, commit to it and don’t stray. Struggling for content or pushed for time?  Ensure there is a reserve of blog posts which can later be scheduled in case of time restraints, allowing you to still promote content when you are away, or are stuck for inspiration.

However, many professionals recognise that it’s a challenge to constantly produce engaging content. If you don’t have the time or resources, we can write blog posts on your behalf or manage, promote and create engaging collateral using existing blog content, making your business stand out from the crowd.

Call us on 01483 537890 or, alternatively, email michael@brookscomm.com We can help you with all your blogging needs and improve your SEO, successfully reaching and engaging your target audience.

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Why You Should Enter Awards

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You and your team have worked hard. Maybe you’ve pulled off a great launch event, gone above and beyond to provide exceptional results for your clients or produced an exciting new product. But who will know about your great efforts unless you tell the world! Also, recent surveys have demonstrated that more than 80% of senior business people and more than 70% of consumers admit to being influenced by awards when buying products and services.

Brand Awareness

Fantastic results deserve recognition and that’s exactly why you should consider entering your company into awards in your sector.

Will it benefit you? Yes. Regardless of winning, just being shortlisted is great exposure for you and your brand.It’s also a chance to receive feedback on which to improve.


An award endorses your company’s service or product offering within your business community and demonstrates you as a leader in that sector, keeping you ahead of your competitors, which no doubt will boost sales and enquirers.

Media Attention

The excitement of winning, or even being shortlisted for an award, rewards your team’s efforts, improving morale, incentivising hard work and offers a great opportunity to capitalise on that accolade by drawing the media’s attention to your company.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t love winning?

However, there is a lot of background work to securing your place for an award.

In depth research into the competition entry, i.e. Best UK Tech Innovation, your competitors, judges and planning are essential components to being successful. Quality is paramount and therefore it’s important to be selective and realistic in choosing which awards to enter.Writing the entry requires hard work and skill, you need to really do your homework to impress the judges who are experts in their area. We’ll be elaborating on our Top Tips for entering awards so watch this space…

We have a proven track record with entering awards – contact us and we will be happy to detail how we have achieved this. Find out how we can help you raise your profile.

Call us on 01483 537890 or, alternatively, email us hello@brookscomm.com and we can help you receive the recognition you deserve and successfully enter awards that will boost your business. 

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Fixmestick virus removal device prize draw!


Did you know that one in three PCs running Windows software are infected with malicious software and that one million new forms of virus and malware are created every week?

Computer malware robs your laptop/PC of its resources, causing it to become slow and unresponsive. Viruses are easily automatically installed on your laptop/PC by downloading free software or opening innocuous looking email attachments. Once malicious software gets into Windows it can be impossible to remove with anti-virus software while Windows is running.

brookscomm client FixMeStick has come up with a solution which tackles and removes viruses and malware, including ransomware.  The FixMeStick plugs into your PC via a USB port and proceeds to scan and remove all forms of malicious software – reaching the infections that anti-virus programs cannot, and removing malware inadvertently downloaded by a user. It uses three main anti-virus engines, automatically stays up-to-date against the latest viruses and doesn’t need any passwords or software installation to do its work.

Win your Fixmestick!

We are giving away a brand new Fixmestick on behalf our client, which can be used on 3 PC’s for 1 year. Worth £59.99, all you need to do to enter this prize draw is, to find us on Twitter, follow @FixMeStick & @PRexpertsUK and re-tweet – Good Luck!

The competition is open between 15th and 21st December, entrants must reside in the UK. We will pick a random winner and notify them via Twitter on 22nd December. The Fixmestick will be posted to them via recorded delivery on 22nd December. For full competition terms and conditions click here.

Read the latest reviews of Fixmestick here and here.

To buy your own Fixmestick click here.

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Battle of the Christmas ads: Why John Lewis won our hearts


You know it’s nearly Christmas when all the major retailers try to win hearts and minds by unveiling their much-anticipated festive ad and PR campaigns! Retailers are well aware of the immense power of utilising emotion as a persuasion technique, and that often, emotion triumphs over logic. So how do retailers and their PR and Advertising companies use an emotional pull to persuade us to invest in them and purchase their products?

Emotion Wins

The phrases, ‘go with your gut’ or ‘follow your heart’ are often quoted flippantly but there is now substantial evidence to support the role that emotion plays in decision making. Antonio Damasio’s clinical studies of brain lesions demonstrated that patients were unable to make decisions when the area responsible for emotion was impaired. Often, seemingly logical decisions will have an emotional influence.

This concept is reflected in the 2016 ad campaigns, which tug on the emotional heart strings to provide an uplifting message, with many ads using ordinary people, as opposed to celebrity endorsements and real-life situations to be more relatable to consumers.

We have collated and dissected the top, most influential 2016 Christmas ad campaigns and looked at how they have used emotion to win us over!

The Power of PR & Social Media

Boots – Gift of Christmas

Although Christmas is a time for family, the Boots ad exposes the sheer number of women, nearly half a million, who work hard in numerous roles throughout the Christmas period, from retail to the emergency services. The ad draws on the emotional roots of the ‘forgotten’ workers, many of whom work throughout the night to ensure trains & emergency services run smoothly over the festive season, and, thus, deserve to be pampered. Offering ‘the gift of beauty’ workers are transformed from their everyday uniforms to looking beautiful in Boots products. A big change from last year’s product emphasis, 2016’s ad campaign focuses on the concept of celebrating workers who give so much of themselves to the community and ‘sacrifice Christmas day’, which no doubt will resonate with many.

Marks&Spencer – Mrs Claus

The second most talked about Christmas ad campaign features Mrs Claus, showcasing her story and her dedication to sourcing presents to individuals loved ones. Unlike Santa, Mrs Claus listens to children who need presents for other people, such as Jake who, despite their love hate relationship, wants to provide his sister with a thoughtful present to show his appreciation. Instead of a sleigh, Mrs Claus travels in style delivering presents in a helicopter. Capitalising on the magic of Santa and his wife, this advert successfully appeals to kids, and also to parents who understand the stress and importance of having a smooth-running Christmas. In addition to the advert, M&S are utilising PR to spread the word of #LoveMrsClaus, with ‘Mrs Claus’ taking over M&S’s twitter account and, stated in Marketing Week, an army of ‘Mrs Claus’ will be in stores offering free presents as random acts of kindness.

John Lewis – #BusterTheBoxer

In my opinion, this ad campaign has won the battle of the Christmas ads, especially considering the overwhelming use of the #BusterTheBoxer hashtag on all forms of social media and 15 million plus views on YouTube alone. This year John Lewis’ heart-warming ad featuring the adorable Buster dog communicated a great sense of happiness. This was a refreshing change from last years tear-jerker ‘Man on the Moon’ advert in collaboration with Age UK, which sought to raise awareness of how lonely the elderly can be at Christmas. Despite a chaotic 2016 with Brexit, this funny, light-hearted advert showing Buster and the rest of the animals’ joy in trying the trampoline helped uplift the nations spirits. Witnessing the excitement on the young girls face on the eve of Christmas and on first sight of her present, brings back nostalgic moments of the real magic of Christmas, successfully associating it with John Lewis.


So there you have it, the lowdown on how emotion impacts adverts, sales and business in every sense, highlighting the importance of being personable and resonating with your target audience.

As a specialist agency, we understand how vital these concepts are when instigating effective PR and marketing campaigns.

At brookscomm we have over 20 years of PR & marketing expertise and a proven track record of success. We can aid you and your business, call us on 01483 537 890 or, alternatively, email us hello@brookscomm.com

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