Keeping up drive and focus

Now that we are half way into February, I wonder how you are getting on with your New Year’s Resolutions?

It can be all so easy to take off the accelerator, and be drawn back into the usual routine of doing things. Nature has its own way of stabilising things, so it takes sustained effort to keep introducing change, going that extra mile for your clients and being one step ahead of your competitors.

Mandy has some tips on how to ensure that you keep things in course, by using the past as a benchmark for your progress as you move forward. She says: 

“You’ve got to look back as a team to effectively plan forward”

By sharing what went well and what didn’t – over a specific period – (both with regards to your clients and to your company’s progress) lessons can be learnt, expertise can be shared, risks can be evaluated, and communication and team bonding is enhanced. Also by facilitating an environment where people are supported and allowed to make mistakes, people are more likely to tap into their inner strengths and build their confidence to try new things which will reinforce their learning and develop their skills and competencies.

Mandy adds, “It possibly sounds obvious but people will always be keen to plan ahead for the new year. But the key is making it an ongoing process and not just something you do once a year.”

Above all, planning and evaluating are great for focus, great for team communication and great for your clients who will feel they are getting an intelligent, client focused service…”

Mandy //