The private sector must do more for SME exporters – roundtable event

A few weeks ago, I was invited to take part in a Roundtable event organised by Wilkins Kennedy titled ‘The private sector must do more for SME exporters’. The event was held in Cobham, Surrey and was a brilliant opportunity to meet with leading professionals in the area to discuss how the private sector can contribute to the UK economy through exports.

Surrey and the South East really is a thriving business community, and this event emphasised how much we can do to help the UK economy. As SME’s and businesses in the UK, we can all do our bit for the UK economy by doing what we do already on an international level.

Other attendees included Dave Birch of Consult Hyperion, Dr Malcolm Parry, Director of the Surrey Research Park and Dr Kegang Wu, chief China adviser to the British Chambers of Commerce.

“Chaz Brooks, Managing Director of Chaz Brooks Communications in Guildford, said the internet had made the world smaller, which gave English companies a tremendous advantage. “English is still the international business language. A website or a blog in English is a big advantage.”

The full article is available on South East Business (pg.26).


CBC flying the flag for Great Britain

It’s been announced this week that according to recent figures, we are officially out of the financial crisis. The UK economy has emerged from recession – we’re the last major economy to leave it, but we got there! The recovery may be slow and growth is gradual, but it’s been said that our best prospect remains to be in exports.

“The trajectory for the recovery, particularly in the next six months, is an uncertain one and the best prospects remain an export-driven turnaround.” – Lee Hopley, chief economist at manufacturers organisation EEF.

At a roundtable event this week, I was presented with the opportunity to get involved with launching Chinese companies in the UK. A fantastic prospect for a valuable partnership, but it got me thinking – exporting really is the future for the UK economy. When people think of exporting, often people assume that it’s the selling of products abroad, but what about services?

Like us, I’m sure a lot of other professional or business service companies work internationally – this is another example of exporting which is just as valuable to the UK economy. We’ve worked across the continents over the years at CBC, including US, most of Europe and Scandinavia, Israel, India, Pakistan, several parts of Africa, Australia and now China, and we continue to offer international PR campaign management as one of our services.

We’re flying the flag for the UK, bringing money back to support the economy. Let’s get involved, help UK companies thrive by working internationally, and do our bit to keep the UK out of recession.