CBC has a new home! And some more thoughts on the value of excellent customer service..

We are now in our new office in a fantastic location on Guildford High Street called Eastgate Court. We’re surrounded by professionals right in the heart of Guildford City Centre and Eastgate Court is a lovely, green development with its own courtyard. We’ve stayed within close distance of a lot of our local clients, so we can maintain our strong relationships with them. We’re all settled in; it’s business as usual and we’re enjoying the new place – do feel free to drop by and say hello, perhaps for a game of table football!

Excellent customer service has always been central to our work at CBC, and our office move has been a very poignant reminder of just how valuable excellent customer service is to the success of a company. First impressions, attention to detail and a friendly, reliable team are just some of the ways that businesses can illustrate a high level of customer service. When companies provide a friendly and accommodating service, customers have a more positive view of the brand overall. This means that even if there are any problems down the line, the customer has confidence in the performance of the company and is more likely to stay loyal to the service.

When it comes down to it, we know it’s all about forming relationships – when you can build good relationships, prove that you’re trustworthy and demonstrate a high level of expertise, customers really won’t be looking anywhere else.