Is the PC really dead?

The world is rapidly becoming more mobile. The vast majority of us can access emails, facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube and anything else we’d want from our mobile phones and tablets. The use of social media on mobile phones has increased dramatically, with users logging in wherever they are to update their statuses, to ‘tag’ those that are with them and to share their current location. Social Media usage on mobile phones has nearly doubled in the past year and iPads are flying off the shelves too, with sales numbers of 25 million in just 14 months.

So where does that leave the good old PC? In comparison to mobiles and tablets, the PC may seem a little chunky and inflexible. But do they still have their own value? At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference a few weeks ago, Apple Exec Steve Forstall mentioned that the iPad is ‘ushering in this post-PC world’. Should this excite us, or scare us?

While this may be the future of technology and a goal for Apple’s devices, the PC is still very much part of a lot of people’s daily life, at home and at work. It could be said that the PC still represents reliability and for a lot of people – it’s still one of the first choices when writing, printing and uploading files. PC’s are probably the preferred choice for banking too… considering some are still sceptical about online banking, it may be a while before people confidently use mobile banking! With generally larger memory space, PC’s still have a role as a storage facility. But with cloud computing on the rise and the gadget market forever changing, how long this will be the case remains to be seen!

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