New! International PR Affiliations

As well as delivering cost-effective results-driven campaigns to our Local and National PR clients, we have been building up close affiliations with other like-minded partner agencies across Europe, USA and Asia so as to be in a position to offer a global reach when required.

For those of you who didn’t know, we are also competent speakers in many foreign languages and offer translation services too!

The importance of localisation when thinking about going global applies just as much to PR and Media Relations as it does to market research, translation and cultural awareness. As such, the benefits of having a local trustworthy agency on the ground (in your chosen area of international expansion) that has the relevant skills, knowledge, links with your target Media, and access to your potential new customers is vital when you are trying to launch a product or service in a new territory.

brookscomm is therefore delighted to be working with our international friends in delivering PR campaigns across the international landscape, and providing you with peace of mind that all your requirements are being looked after by people like us!

Please contact us for any questions or advice that you may need if you are thinking about how to increase your market share outside the UK and across Europe and beyond, and we will be delighted to listen to your ideas and suggest how we can help.

Please call us on 01483 537 890 or email