Eye implants and loads of interviews

At CBC, we have been incredibly busy over the last couple of weeks and we are really loving it. One amazing thing that we have recently helped launch is a new breakthrough in lens implants (for the eye) for one of our clients, who is a top eye surgeon. The technology behind the lens is really ground breaking and we are very excited about possibilities that it will bring a lot of people with age related eye conditions and other eye problems. Well it’s not hard to be! If you mention something like ‘supervision’ or ‘HD vision’ to a PR person, or better say to a techy PR person they would naturally be very excited – and so were we !!

We have organised interviews with our eye surgeon and two of his patients with the big UK Newspapers and National TV. We are setting up even more interviews this week and our client’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing since. You can find his name and the story on Google in countries, from India to Zaire, from the UK to the US. That’s a great end-of-the year result for him and us! We even had a couple of TV crews coming to film. It’s quite amazing how much effort and time actually goes into the short 5 min clips that you can see in the news.

Merry Christmas,