The power of Tactful PR from Ali

As part of a recent PR campaign for one of our professional services clients, CBC was involved with distributing a comment article to the business and international trade press. On undergoing a Google search to see how successful this had been, we found, to our delight, that the release had indeed been published, in full, word for word, on a well respected trade web site. But this was quickly followed with dismay, as no accreditation had been given to our worthy client for contributing the article. What would the client say? How would this be picked up in Internet searches? A quick, and courteous phone call to the offending publisher was made, and all was put right, within minutes! Client happy, and a good job done by CBC. The power of Tactful PR!

Have you been speed boating on the Thames?

Product launches are a great opportunity to not only introduce your product to your key journalists but also to really get to know them and bond with them. To be able to do this, big presentations, with 30 plus people in my opinion don’t really work, as CBC we believe in a smaller, but more intense approach combined with something fun that will help them to remember you, the product and the client for some time to come.

Only last week, one of our clients introduced a new gadget to the UK. For the launch we invited key technology journalists. During the product presentation a conversation between our client and the audience evolved even leading to a discussion among everyone and some big laughs (no wonder when I tell you that the corresponding software is called G-spot) that made even the mostly one-way conversational product part fun.

But the real fun part came when we walked over to Embankment Pier and got on out hired RIB Voyager. Well everyone knows that speed boats are fast, the name kind of gives it away, but if your own eyelashes bend over and get in your eye because of the airflow you know you are going REALLY fast. It was a great experience and all the journalists loved it. Some even considered joining the Royal Navy and others were wondering if they could possibly get a review sample of the boat for home and daily use. Only one day later half of them had published positive news about the launch and product online and our client was happy.

That’s why I like my job! 🙂