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Moving to a hosted digital dictation system

OS7 The Oyez Speech Dictation package delivered greater efficiency & cost savings

OS7, the innovative dictation package from Oyez Speech is an enterprise solution that was designed to meet the changing needs of a business as it grows. It features a comprehensive selection of management and reporting functions ensure that ensures even complex information is easy for all users to view and understand. A wide range of customisable options ensures a seamless fit into workflows and integration with internal information systems, including case and document management

Quality Solicitors Burton & Co, with offices in Lincoln and Sleaford, recently undertook a comprehensive project with a view to update their internal technical infrastructure, to make efficiency improvements and cost savings. Digital dictation was one of the elements taking up a lot of time and resources. “We had been using a dictation package supplied by a leading provider for several years. Initially we were happy with both the product and the service that we were receiving from this supplier. The relationship started to drift when the proposed support costs increased to a level that was disproportionate to what we considered reasonable. The support offered in regards to this issue was very poor and added another level of frustration,” commented Partner Richard French. “By the time the decision was made to change suppliers we only had a two week window to make the change.”

Burton & Co turned to Oyez Speech, and its OS7 Dictation solution, because they were able to meet the two- week deadline. “Moving to the new system has vastly decreased the pressure on our internal infrastructure and users have found it very easy to operate,” commented French. “We have also benefited from significant cost savings.”

Ellis-Fermor & Negus, an East Midlands legal practice with 4 branches, also chose OS7. For many years they had been using an analogue system but were finding it inefficient and increasingly expensive.

“It’s made dictation and transcription so much more efficient that we don’t know how we got by without it,” commented Jess Raebitt, the firm’s IT Officer. “Our secretaries can instantly see all of the waiting transcriptions and the length and priority of each one. All dictations are retrievable and we no longer face the horror of broken or lost tapes.”

“OS 7 offers all of the features and benefits of other dictation systems but at a more reasonable cost. It does everything that we require and we’re all feeling the benefits of time savings and increased productivity.”

The advantages of moving to Oyez Speech are relevant to both analogue firms and those already using a digital solution.

Digital users who move to Oyez Speech maintain all of the functionality and features of their previous system but gain huge benefits in terms of cost and support:

  • Our Fair Price Policy was designed to ensure our clients get maximum value from our products. This includes free upgrades and transparent monthly charges.
  • Immediate, on-going Support is offered to all licensed customers. This service is very highly regarded by all of our clients.
  • We offer you choice. You can choose to host internally or in the cloud and you can select from additional options such as mobility, speech recognition and transcription services.
  • Our continual product development program guarantees that your Speech package will remain totally relevant and reliable far into the future.

Those using analogue can benefit immediately from increased efficiency and risk management:

  • Losing or misplacing an analogue tape can have serious security implications. Digital files are encrypted and sent via secure HTTPS transmission for complete security
  • The cost of analogue repairs and replacements has become increasingly expensive. Digital is now a more cost-effective dictation solution.
  • Digital increases efficiency rates instantly. Analogue tape files cannot be shared amongst several typists. Work sharing is easy with digital as work can be allocated across several typists or offices to ease bottlenecks quickly. Digital also allows you to easily measure individual performances.
  • Greater efficiency also comes from being able to easily see all transcriptions, their status and priority.


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