PR and Marketing are both evolving. Effectively integrating strategic PR and Digital Marketing is crucial for measurable business success. By using new digital technologies you can identify, pinpoint and start conversations with your target customers. However, it is important that these communications are constructive and unobtrusive, useful to your audience and enhance the reputation of your business.

Our Approach

At brookscomm, we plan and deliver strategic PR and digital marketing campaigns which give conclusive, tangible results. We support clients by creating awareness, stimulating conversations, increasing sales conversions and improving customer loyalty – all within a structured framework.

So, what’s the different between this, and old style PR and Marketing?

You are now talking to your potential customers and having a positive constructive conversation and sharing useful information:

  • Your new business campaigns can now enhance rather than reduce your reputation
  • You get more customers, more quickly

We understand that your business priorities are to use PR and marketing to grow your business, increase your reputation and create awareness of your products and services – often in a crowded market. To meet these objectives, we build a persona profile of your target customer, understanding their goals, needs, challenges and characteristics.

We then plan and implement tactical PR and digital marketing activities, actively supporting your business growth work and providing measurable results. You get noticed by your target customers for the right reasons.

Measurable growth

The result of this activity is positive for your customers, potential customers and your company. Your customers have useful information and a positive impression of your business, and you will have new connections who are potential customers. You will know where these connections originated, which of your services they may be interested in and where they are in the buying lifecycle.

By using web analytics this activity can be accurately measured. Exactly how many connections have you made and how many potential business leads did your activity generate? How many prospects completed the defined goal (be it purchase or sign up)? Understanding customer engagement rates on specific activities determines the return on your investment.

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