Corsaire_optCorsaire is an information security consultancy that provides a range of tailored services around policy and compliance, assessment and training. They required a b2b PR & marketing technology agency to generate leads and raise awareness of the business.

Corsaire is one of the oldest privately funded consultancies in this market and operates internationally across Europe, Africa and Asia-Pac. Clients include some of the world’s best known blue-chip multinationals, many of whom are listed on the FTSE, DAX and Fortune 500 stock indices and work with UK government authorities and agencies and mid-range organisations across the e-banking, finance, telecommunications, insurance, legal, IT and retail sectors.

How it began…

We have worked with Corsaire since 2002. At that time, the company had been set up five years previously in 1997 and the founders clearly had a great deal of specialist knowledge in their particular subject area, but the consultancy was small, and was not “known”.

Delivering value…

Corsaire wanted a local Surrey PR agency to create awareness of the consultancy and build brand identity and increase market share. Over the years we have provided strategic PR and marketing, employing a range of tactics, that have helped Corsaire rise above the noise level of its competitors and gain market acceptance and build up an enviable customer base.

The Tech PR strategy activities has been focused on promoting detailed specification-led Whitepapers and research findings to help share best-practice principles and proven information security techniques, and portray Corsaire as experts in their field.

The customer base has increased along with the list of impressive testimonials, the team of consultants has expanded solidly over the years with Corsaire attracting like-minded colleagues with unsurpassed IT security expertise and now has boasts consultants in numerous countries including Spain, South Africa and Australia. And brookscomm has supported in this area too by disseminating Tech PR messages that add resonance to its impressive growth.

Fostering lasting relationships with the Media

Corsaire is now regularly contacted by the Media to provide expert opinion on a whole range of security issues (across compliance, risk assessment, threat intelligence, and security testing) and achieves regular coverage in its key publications and engagement with target audiences.


By investing in Tech PR to portray the company to be a “bigger” player, Corsaire has been able to pitch for bigger and bigger opportunities. As the company continues to grow, IT PR helps in supporting repeat customer projects, expanding new areas of expertise especially in light of the fast moving security arena, keeping the company ahead of its competitors, and helping Corsaire to continue to “punch above its weight”.

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