A bird in the bedroom with a footballer?

….. no, not intimate bedroom details …. yesterday my 4-year old daughter came out of the bedroom saying “there’s a pigeon in the bedroom” — and she was right, the daft bird had fallen down the chimney. It took some persuasion to get me in there with the thing, and then more persuasion from me to get the stupid thing out of the window — and, in the words of Oliver Hardy, it was a “fine mess”.

Same thing happened in my last house about ten years ago –I don’t like pigeons now.

This reminds me of the bat in the bedroom from last year — but that’s another story ….

Earlier this week, in my capacity as President of the Surrey Chamber of Commerce I had the pleasure of sitting next to the ex England footballer Ray Wilkins, for dinner. Did you know that he played 84 times for England? Nice guy.

A couple of months ago I met my footballing hero Sir Trevor Brooking, now there is the best ambassador for football that this country could ever wish to have – a real gentleman. He was a one-club man (West Ham, “my” club that I owned one paltry share in until an Icelander came along and tried to force me to sell it to him — I never agreed but I suspect he owns it now!) Trevor’s now in charge of youth development for the F.A. — and that should give everyone great confidence — and what a star he is. I wrote to him at the FA and sent him my son’s homework (a news report on the future of English goalkeepers quoting Trevor) and he wrote back with an individual reply — which I thought was fantastic and made a ten year-old boy’s day! And restored his dad’s faith in human nature. Well, he was a West Ham player wasn’t he? ๐Ÿ™‚


Chaz on TV …. again?

Hi, goodness know what it’s going to be like ….. !!

Chaz as media mentor is on today BBC1 4:05pm

The Smokehouse: “Six children put their parents on a quit-smoking course, living in the smokehouse rehab centre with doctors and psychologists. The teams take to the streets to see how many other smokers they can convince to kick the habit. The battle is on to come up with a powerful campaign and eye-catching publicity stunts.”

Did I manage to come up with a “powerful campaign and eye-catching publicity stunts”
Ummmmm — dunno! I’m a bit nervous now as to how it will come out — hopefully you all will be far too busy to watch it ๐Ÿ™‚ I suppose it will be on i-Player or whatever afterwards (it’s Episode 9)

With trepidation — all the best and have a Happy Easter