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Love it or loath it, Twitter is a remarkable tool for creating awareness for your brand, interacting with customers and generating buzz. Better yet, it’s free!

Used correctly, Twitter is a fantastic tool which can be used in a multitude of different ways. Creating and cross-promoting engaging and relevant content to followers, is what it’s predominantly used for. Whether you are targeting customers or clients, it’s easier and quicker to respond to individual’s queries, and, regardless of the number of followers you have, tweets can be seen globally, in real time.

Especially if you are a start-up business, Twitter is certainly the way forward for gaining traction, exposure and engagement within your target audience.

So how does it work?

The USP of Twitter is that tweets are 140 character messages, thus concise information is key. Pictures, links, mentions etc. all impact on the word count. However, there is speculation that this will change to include these additions.

How to optimise your tweets:

  • Concise content
  • Use relevant and trending # hashtags (used to search & track tweets)
  • Shorten links
  • Use photos – Imagery increases engagement!
  • Mention relevant individuals/brands & tag them
  • Pin posts to gain the most impressions – they will appear above the flow of time-ordered tweets, right at the top.
  • You can now retweet your own tweet if you want!

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