CBC joins Guildford business leaders in launch of new specialist law firm supporting charities


Guildford’s business leaders gathered at the Guildhall last week to welcome and support the launch of Third Sector Law a specialist law firm supporting charities and their professional advisers.

Representing the council the Deputy Mayor, David Elms, welcomed the diversity of commerce in the town. He said: “This is a thriving borough and this is a new company within the borough. New blood is always welcome. To continue being a thriving borough, a diverse commerce base is necessary and that is what this type of commerce brings to our community. The future is you, the people who work, live and spend money in the community: you are the heart and soul of our boroughs’ success. Welcome to our community.”

But attendees were not all from the charity field. Also happy to celebrate the launch was our very own Chaz Brooks (pictured here with Steven Meredith) who said: “I’m here supporting local business. Guildford is a great place to do business. I work here, live here and my daughter goes to school here. We must support local business.”  

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