A thought from us on the Budget…

Yesterday’s budget from Chancellor George Osborne has got everyone talking…so we thought we’d share a thought from us..

Something that stood out to us was how promising the upgrades in travel sounded, alongside the funding for “superfast” broadband and wi-fi in UK cities.

It’s really encouraging to hear about the investment into the improvements of rail links and that the Budget is looking into the future of aviation later in the year, alongside funding for broadband and wi-fi in 10 UK cities.

We all have fantastic means of communication these days and so much of business is done over the internet or phone in some shape or form. The broadband and wi-fi funding supports this and helps keep Britain green. Equally though, the fact remains that there is still no replacement for face-to-face meetings, which is where this travel investment comes in. Top level customer service and loyalty is vital to drive businesses forward, which requires both face-to-face meetings and online communication.

By this Budget addressing both of these concepts, the future for maintaining strong relationships with customers both at home and abroad looks promising.

In Guildford, we’re situated really well with great rail links and close proximity to airports – international business is thriving here and we can only assume that Osborne looking into the future of aviation will help to build on the business community here.

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