A week in PR

Thoughts from Darcie on her week of work experience with us here at CBC… 🙂

“For my work experience week, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work at Chazbrooks Communications (CBC). Before coming into work, I had little knowledge about what PR was and what would be involved but since I have been here I have learnt a lot about what PR is and able to see what type of jobs are done here at a PR agency. I thought that PR would be a good work experience for me because I am interested in Business and for one of my GCSEs I am doing Business Studies. I really enjoy this subject and it is relevant to PR because PR is all about working with businesses to promote their products and services.

The week has allowed me to get involved in lots of different tasks including; attending Planning meetings, Social Media/Twitter work, updating spreadsheets, monitoring Google Alerts and clippings and getting to do different types of research. One of my first tasks was to research all the clients that CBC works with – to get an idea of what they all do – and I then updated the overview Client document with the info I found. This task was really useful because I needed to know about CBC clients for my work during throughout the week.

The work on Twitter involved me trying to gain new followers for different Twitter accounts, and for EyeExpertsUK I gained about 30 followers! I also tweeted an article and some words of the day for the CBC Twitter account. One of my favourite tasks was doing a clipping report because I could see the different coverage achieved for the clients and also found out how many people had viewed the articles. I also helped write a press release for the Surrey Research Park. After it had been approved I issued the press release out to the local and science park press.

All in all, I really enjoyed the work even though I found some tasks, like editing a report, harder than others. This week has given me a real idea about what PR is like and I would definitely recommend doing work experience here at Chazbrooks because I felt very welcomed by the Team and got to do a range of different things – so it really did give me an idea of what it would be like to work in a PR agency.”

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