CBC is recognised as ‘a beacon of good practice’

We’re so pleased, we’ve done it again! We’ve passed our Investors in People assessment 🙂

This is the fourth time we’ve passed, and things just seem to get better each time we’re assessed. This time, our assessor Jim (regular and long-standing readers of our blog will know that he’s assessed us every time) went as far as to say that we’re a ‘beacon of good practice’:

“Work-life balance is embedded as a company ethos. This is a real strength of Chazbrooks and other organisations could learn a lot from them.”

Passing is no easy task, though. The assessment involves one-to-one interviews, phone interviews and discussions, and Jim also examines our working environment and company documentation like business plans, appraisal documentation, training plans and training evaluation reports.

We now have nearly 10 years experience with Investors in People assessments, and are putting it to good use! We help our clients with their own Investors in People assessments. By advising on the structure and content of company documentation as a whole, we help our clients save time and money and ultimately, gain the Investors in People accreditation. Also, as a team of writing experts, we ensure that the messages in the documentation are well communicated.

For us, Investors in People isn’t just a certificate for the wall. It’s a business marker – proof that we take time to make sure we are a team that are positive, motivated and efficient, and proud of the service we offer. And as a result, our clients get to deal with enthusiastic professionals who deliver great, cost effective campaigns.

By investing in our team, we are investing in our clients!

For more info on how we can add value to your company, tweet us at @PRexpertsUK, email us at chazb@brookscomm.com or call all on 01483 537 890. Look forward to hearing from you!

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