Customer service is alive and kicking

Having lost our water supply, due to a leak in the main pipe further down our country lane, a quick call to South East Water 24 hour helpline, resulted in an engineer fixing the problem within the hour of my call. What was particularly impressive was that it was dark, cold and snowy , and I also received three call backs from their customer service department, with updates on the situation. Once fixed I also had a call back to check everything was working normally. How about that for customer service.

PR crisis management — the Jeremy Hunt incident on Twitter.

Mistakes happen, ask Jim Naughtie.

It’s how you respond to a crisis that matters, and although Jim committed the worst spoonersim possible with poor Heremy Junt’s name does the person responsible for the BBC “Today” programme’s twitter account need a little crisis PR management refresher?

If you have a PR crisis:

* Don’t panic

* Don’t be flippant

* Don’t deny a mistake

Was the BBC R4 tweet which came a few minutes after the incident, and a few minutes before Naughty Jim’s on air apology, an inspired/humourous flash of genius or did it break cardinal crisis management rules?

here’s the tweet:

r4today BBC Radio 4 Today
Yes, your ears deceived you. Move along now, nothing to see here…

All about Good Teamwork

We are never tired of telling the world how important team work is. And how bonding is the best part of our job, linking with like-minded journalists, for the benefit of our clients, their customers, their prospective customers and of course for ourselves as a team 🙂

Over the past couple of months, Training has very much been on our agenda, and we have been sharing some of thoughts on how to best go about investing in training and how best to implement cost-effective training in these tough times. Also as part of our Investor in People programme we are totally committed to the value of linking Business Outcomes with our Staf Training. Here are some of the articles that we have recently contributed to.

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On the subject of training, should you need any help with PR, visit our fact Sheet pages for tips for free!