Exclusive …. Home Secretary drinks whilst on duty!

Last Friday saw the launch of an initiative to boost the Town Centre of Maidenhead. The high profile campaign launch was launched by the Home Secretary, Theresa May.

CBC’s newest client, Pig in a Poke, supplied the wine for the event and Enjoyment Executive (wouldn’t we all love to have a job and job title like that!) Alistair Morrell wasted no time in introducing himself to Theresa May and offering her a sample of the current Pig in a Poke vintage. She readily accepted and commented “I’m very pleased to support Pig in a Poke. It’s a great initiative and it’s good to see these ideas from a local business.”

For the record Theresa only had a small sampling glass of wine. But she said that she liked it! We at CBC say we like the wine too. And we should know a good wine when we taste one!!

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