One size doesn’t fit all! How to choose your PR agency

Chaz shares his tips to help businesses in making the right choice when it comes to selecting a PR agency.

• Let’s start simple. The first think to look out for in a PR agency is whether they listen to you. You will soon know by how significant their questions are.

• The second thing that needs to jump out at you is whether the PR agency (and the whole Team) demonstrates a genuine interest (and willingness) to learn about your company and your industry

• Thirdly, understanding where your business fits into a life cycle will help you foresee upcoming challenges and make the best business decisions. Any PR agency that does not consider this aspect will just not be in a position to deliver an effective campaign for you, as they will be operating only on a short term basis instead of working with you to reach your medium and long term goals.

• Tip Four – Ensure that you know if your chosen PR agency will provide flexibility when it comes to finances. Times are hard.

• My fifth and last tip concerns importance of the gut feeling. Many managers shy aware from gut feeling in preference to decisions based on logic. Once the hygiene factors are present and correct, don’t be afraid to make a decision based on your feelings. First impressions have their place in decision-making as do those mystery ingredients (X Factor!) that tell you that you will be ultimately be able to work with these guys and trust them to do a good job for you!

Have a great autumn!


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