1000 press releases – what a milestone

At CBC we have just written our one thousandth press release, and what an art this is! We have learned over the years, how important it is to provide journalists with clear, concise, easy to digest and non salesspeak or jargony information, that provides clear messages to ensure that our clients’ stories are printed (or lead to a discussion with the journalist), their profiles are positively raised and that this ultimately leads to them selling their goods and services improving the bottom line!

We nearly thought that our one thousandth release would have been a release on the outcome of the case of the biggest art theft in the UK, the Da Vinci trial in Scotland, but in the end our local client the Surrey Research Park hit the milestone… which is perhaps more fitting in a way as we started out as an innovation and technology specialised PR agency. We have been in the business for nearly 15 years now and have written so many different types of releases, mostly business and highbrow, but certainly some more lighthearted and fun too, so you’d hope that we would be fairly good at them by now, although we’re learning more all the time especially with the explosion of social media and how important that is as a PR tool – the next big thing now for reaching key media is social media releases. Our clients like it and they are much easier to tweet. 🙂


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