Tea, Curry & Football

Nobody enjoys work experience, or at least nobody is supposed to. I, however, have had a thoroughly enjoyable week with CBC. How much of this was actually down to finding out about working at a PR company is debatable, but watching Manchester United crumble at the feet of Bayern Munich was enough to make any Liverpool fan’s week. The winning goal was simply superb; Van Gaal had obviously been anticipating Patrice Evra misjudging a loose ball and therefore placed Olic out wide ready to pounce.

Being given the task of writing a press release about CBC’s 1000th press release; quite a mouthful, was a pleasant surprise as I was half expecting some very tedious stints at the hole-punch machine due to an awful two weeks with a company in Liverpool where my hole-punching talents had been ruthlessly exploited. From those two weeks I did carry away one very important lesson, people in offices drink a ridiculous amount of tea, but nothing could have prepared me for this. With only a slight exaggeration, I must have turned down 23 cup of tea offers over my four days in the office.

The highlight of my week was unfortunately not related to PR, it was in fact an impressive 3 dish curry spread cooked by Chaz himself, followed by Barcelona playing 70 minutes against an ugly team incapable of stringing three passes together. Oh wait, it was Arsenal. Wasn’t it?


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