Royalty, movie stars, paparazzi,and curry.

Last night we arranged the media for the Royal Rajasthan Gala Dinner at the Banqueting House in London. It was a glittering occasion and began with a red carpet paparazzi crush to get photos of the attending royalty and celebs. A couple of the expected celebs did not show as is their right, but others did such as Sir Bob Geldof who true to form turned on a camera crew with his language as vivid as ever. We hosted a media table and I’m pleased to say that all our guests turned up and we met some great people. One gripe though, the charity auction went on too long and I couldn’t afford to bid for anything!

You can see some agency photos here

It was a priviledge to be able to arrange a 1-1 press interview with a broadsheet journalist and the Maharaja prior to the event, and to listen to his Highness talk about the personal tragedy that befell his son which prompted him to set up the Charity.

Bonus points for Chaz — this morning I gave my 5 year-old daughter a bunch of beautiful table napkin rings which coincidentally are the perfect size bangle for a 5 year-old princess. And the Maharaja gave them to me to give to her. She was impressed!

First piece of coverage is here

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