A good brief can be the key to a great campaign

We at CBC have spent a good deal of time over the years on “educating” clients on what a good PR/ Marketing brief is and that the money and time you invest in creating one will be worthwhile in the long-term. A brief is a perfect example of ‘the more you put into it, the more you get out of it’. The clearer the client’s expectations are set out, the easier it will be for an agency to meet the expectations.

The danger comes when key aims are excluded from a brief and you find out a certain way down the line that for reasons outside your control, key stakeholders, partners or customers are working to a different agenda. That’s when you learn painfully that no campaign can realistically achieve its aims when there are two or more briefs! Let’s vote for just the one, but a good one!

This was also posted on reputation online.

The CBC Team

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