Burning rubber, diesel, celebrity spotting (well one) and a PR meeting with new clients

All in a day’s, actually a morning’s work some may think for us PR people, but life, let alone work isn’t always as much fun, but I wish it was. I can certainly vouch that being taken round the historic Brands Hatch circuit in a Porsche GT3 with someone who’s raced Ferrari’s with Schumacher and rally cars with some of the best Scandinavian drivers of the past few years, that also happens to be a new client is a fantastic experience that I can thoroughly recommend… even if the adrenaline takes a while to die down in order to have a serious PR planning meeting. Nursing a cup of tea and waiting for the body to adjust back to not racing round the tarmac at speeds of up to 150 MPH, and before we had the meeting there was a little time to spot and then watch a certain Mr. Ronnie O’Sullivan, snooker champ and aspiring motor racing champ take a few laps of the circuit in his turbocharged VW Jetta race car – some extra training we were told as he embarks on his next challenge in the Volkswagen Racing Cup. Then when normality finally surfaced itself it was time for lunch to get down to business and have the meeting and also help with some ideas for a corporate event for the client… the general consensus being to replicate what we did with them as a meet and greet networking tool. A chance for some prospective customers to get away from the office, relax a little and have some fun and learn a little more about what they do. Sounds perfect to me and if we can get a journalist along then I think we can get an invite along again too!!

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