Call Centres in Bangalore

Well I haven’t been anywhere exciting recently although it does feel like I’ve spent the last few evenings in rainy Bangalore.

My daughters Dell crashed. Suddenly she couldn’t talk to her friends on msn, she lost the group homework due in tomorrow and all of the photos. She had thought about backing it up but………!! 🙂

Basically it was the end of the world -and my life would certainly not be worth living -unless I could retrieve the data and fix the laptop asap.

So I called the Dell help desk. Don’t believe everything you read about call centres in India. They were patient, they were helpful. They worked hard not to go too fast but at the same time not to treat me like an idiot. They put up with me making dinner, answering homework questions, setting up dvd’s while I was following their instructions. One of them even had a quick chat to the tesco delivery man when I was signing for my order. After three evenings of talking to them, they were like part of the family – although I’m sure they were very relieved once all was sorted and they could say goodbye. So thanks everyone at the Dell Presto call centre in Bangalore and I hope the rain has stopped……..

Have a good weekend,

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