Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets

I’m back from the Gadget Show Live. A whole weekend dedicated to gadgets – doesn’t that sounds like fun?? It certainly does for me and although I was a bit disappointed that some big players in the industry didn’t show up. I was still impressed by the range of great, but also weird and useless gadgets on display. One thing I didn’t really get my head around was Electronic cigarettes. I guess as a Non-Smoker I can’t really relate to it anyway, but still promoting that with electronic cigarettes you can smoke in public places still feels a bit wrong for me, but they were very nice in explaining how it works and how it can help you quit. I was more impressed by the portable Espresso machine that fits in a small bag so you can take it everywhere or by the LG 3G Touch Watch Phone. But I must say hats off to Jason Bradbury who seemed to spend hour upon hour giving photographs in front of the big Sony theatre – still smiling. As the Dane-Elec stand, on which we were promoting the fabulous Zpen was just a minute away I could actually see him sitting there, smiling and giving autographs to all his fans that didn’t mind queuing.

I think it was a great show and I am sure it will be even bigger next year.

Can’t wait!


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