Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets

I’m back from the Gadget Show Live. A whole weekend dedicated to gadgets – doesn’t that sounds like fun?? It certainly does for me and although I was a bit disappointed that some big players in the industry didn’t show up. I was still impressed by the range of great, but also weird and useless gadgets on display. One thing I didn’t really get my head around was Electronic cigarettes. I guess as a Non-Smoker I can’t really relate to it anyway, but still promoting that with electronic cigarettes you can smoke in public places still feels a bit wrong for me, but they were very nice in explaining how it works and how it can help you quit. I was more impressed by the portable Espresso machine that fits in a small bag so you can take it everywhere or by the LG 3G Touch Watch Phone. But I must say hats off to Jason Bradbury who seemed to spend hour upon hour giving photographs in front of the big Sony theatre – still smiling. As the Dane-Elec stand, on which we were promoting the fabulous Zpen was just a minute away I could actually see him sitting there, smiling and giving autographs to all his fans that didn’t mind queuing.

I think it was a great show and I am sure it will be even bigger next year.

Can’t wait!


Thoughts on opportunities in a recession and the role of PR

When times are tough, people need more help than ever with marketing and selling their goods and services but they are faced with the dilemma of needing to cut costs at the same time. Therefore, they need a Marketing and PR campaign that is creative, measurable and shows the value that it will add to the business – it needs to pay for itself plus add agreed value. People also need a team of suppliers supporting them who are of a similar mindset.

At brookscomm, we are working hard to make sure that we actively add value to our clients’ businesses every day so that our clients know that they are getting a measured return on their investment when they use us.

I actually have a note in front of me that says… ‘does it save money or bring in income – if not I don’t need it.’ So every day, I am thinking of this in terms of my suppliers and in terms of the service that we offer to our clients.

Any business that focuses on measurables and can offer measurable proof that it actively increases income or reduces costs for its customers will do especially well in tough times.