Summer weather gloom forgotten about as the Premier league kicks off again!

Following on from Michael’s sporting theme earlier in the week, I’d like to point out that we are now less than 24 hours away from the return of English Premier League football season, which returns to clear away our blues from the seemingly relentless August rain and bad weather – although today is better at least and team GB’s efforts in Beijing so far have helped a little. Well done to the men’s sprint cycling team who picked up gold earlier.

At last the premier league kicks off tomorrow and hopefully we’ll be able to wave good bye to the endless summer newspaper talk and gossip about Jose trying to lure Frank to the San Siro, The Ronaldo and the Real Madrid ‘will he won’t he show’, not to mention the front pages of the tabloids obsession with the man from Madeira’s sun tan. Leave the boy alone, he’s had a hard season and now enjoying a little R&R like the rest of us.

Finally now, lets hope that the back pages (and only the back, no more footballers splashed across the front pages please) will be full of all the highs and lows from the opening weekends fixtures which start tomorrow lunchtime with premiership new boys West Brom visiting Arsenal at the Emirates. Good luck to all the new teams and let’s hope that I wake up to read the Sunday papers full of news of an enthralling first day of football and not more transfer gossip or a refereeing blunder costing someone valuable opening day points.


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