The wallet, the smoking woman and the assassin

Found a wallet in the street last week and managed to contact the owner and return it (via calling his Granny whose details I got as he had an unusual surname, after taking the chance that he might be related to the number in the BT online phone book — she was confused but he was delighted!) he insisted on giving me some money and that’s going to a local charity we support. Easier than going through the police red tape I said — he agreed.

Then, sitting outside cafe in Covent Garden a charmless woman decided to come and sit at our table, which was okay. When she decided to smoke that wasn’t okay and after a short verbal exchange we left and then took up our table at the restaurant half an hour early — driven to drink.

Just had lunch with a leading expert on assassination, nice guy and I hope that I don’t ever upset him. He’s hopefully going to be writing a book for one of our clients.

Tomorrow I am due to be voted in as President of Surrey Chambers of Commerce — unless they come to their senses beforehand and vote in a sensible accountant or some such instead.


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