Rainy night in Georgia (well, okay then …. a rainy day in London)

It’s July. It’s the Summer. It’s a champagne press trip on the London Eye to launch a great new scanner pen http://www.danedigital.com/index2.php.

It’s a great plan — what could possibly go wrong?

The weather — that’s what. When was the last time we had a month’s rainfall in July? Yesterday, that’s when. It didn’t stop raining from early morning until midnight. Raining Kats and dogs. (spelling intentional as one of our journalists was called Kat).

Thanks to all the journalists for coming. Only two did not show up due to the weather.

Best part of the day; no-one moaned about the weather. Not even when we had a rain-soaked walk to the nearby Firestation pub for beers afterwards.

Worst part of the day; Chaz looking like a drowned rat with his umbrella held up like an uncomfortable tourist guide walking through a packed Waterloo station concourse so that everybody followed him to the pub. He need not have worried — all journalists can find a pub!

Next stop, another trip on the Eye, in Winter when it’s dark. Great idea (courtesy of our journalist friends – Paul). What could possibly go wrong with that ….

Chaz and Uli

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